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Oh my lord, Andy Beirsack! <3 You are writing my death sentence.

:D sorry


[JS SIMS 3] Low-Cut Hollow Out Dress

  • Available For:
  • Female - YA / Adult
  • All Time
  • Two recolorable channels
  • Both package and sims3pack formats available


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I don’t think any of you guys know this but I am a HUGEfan of Hyomin.

And this is a picture of Soo wearing a Hyomin beanie ;)

We’re always running away
And we don’t even stop to think about it.
The world’s in our hands.
They don’t need to understand.

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A wip of Andy Biersack and Asshole on your playlist ... ily ^^ Love your screenshots and sims!.

Haha thanks :D

WIP sim of Andy Biersack

Quick editing


Goat Face and Aye-Aye.

Sim belongs to Xane Zephyr

Xane’s goat

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I'll eat you

You cannibal motha fucka

Yele and Anthony

Anthony by {ladoucesim}

Hell is what you make
Rise against your fate
Nothing’s gonna keep you down
Even if it’s killing you
Because you know the truth

(Finally got in game!!!)


When I can’t face all my demons
You are the one I believe in


When you’re looking for pants to wear and your boyfriend thinks he’s slick and snaps a pic.

That assssss