ID REALLY like to have my usual Dunkin coffee right now but unfortunately it’s under construction ๐Ÿ˜

Anonymous whispered:
Oh my god I started screaming when I saw your post with Black Veil Bride's "Faithless" lyrics. ; A ; I love that song (and BVB)!

Yeah, BVB have some really powerful lyrics.

Even when I fall down to my knees
I never say a prayer I don’t believe
And I don’t wanna look up to the sun
But I will never be the faithless one

I can’t stop crawling to your doorstep every time you beckon.

I’m self destructing.

Trust in nothing inside me.

Against the wall we fall from grace.

The pain we love is taking shape.

We fall in lust and touch the flame.

Over and over again.

ย oritasho is a poop :)


More of my little WIP, only changed a few little things but Iโ€™m starting to like her :3


Iโ€™ll check in tomorrow if I donโ€™t wake up dead


"I cant shake the feeling that you’re out there waiting till the sun goes down and the beast comes out, come and play with me now"



I thought it was about time I did a follow forever.

Some of you I have only just followed, but some I have followed from the beginning.

If you are on this list it means that I genuinely look up to you and that your pictures inspire me.

Thank you all for your posts, they really brighten my…


Beach day with the girls <3

Manuella is by Ladouce_sim

Yelena is by xanezephyr

Every time you let it show
I didn’t want to know
By the time I had lost my soul
You had to go


The first sim I made using CAS.
It will take a lot of getting used to ๐Ÿ˜Š

She’s pretty :D

Tested out the sims 4 demo this morning.
Before and after shot

Nilo - Mr. Smooth Criminal ~