I have been wanting to work on my girl sim making again so I decided to mess around with one of my nameless wip sims.
This was my result so far.

tylerssimslove whispered:
Your sims are amazing! How do you make them look so good? Do you edit your pictures?

Thank you :)
And yes, I edit my photos. But mostly I just use my photoshop actions when I’m lazy.

imasimsaster whispered:
Now... you are my new best friend v___v I love they from the first album ♥


^.^ Sweet

Tumblr isn’t showing my whole response. I also said Oblivion was my favorite song from their first album.

imasimsaster whispered:
Now... you are my new best friend v___v I love they from the first album ♥

^.^ Sweet

imasimsaster whispered:
You are a big fan of 30 Seconds To Mars? **

Yesssss, loved them for years :)

narusasu-simblr whispered:
omg you did a Jared Leto remake in the sims! :3 By the way I'm from NJ too C:

Yessss, Jared Leto is one of my idols haha. You like Thirty Seconds to Mars?No kidding? That’s awesome!

>.> Scrappy Coco dressing like an old woman


Kim shifted in the hard chair he now sat in, his eyes, intense, as he stared across the room at Hiro. A man he had grown up around as a child, the man he considered to be like a second father to him. Now standing by the open window, overlooking the city that never seemed to rest.

"I don`t understand…."

The teen said as he pressed his lips tightly together, grasping what little material the tight jeans he wore allowed his hands to hold.

Hiro glanced to the side, barley turning to look at the boy,Before your operation, did your father tell you who the donor for your new eyes were?” He asked, drawing the half burnt cigarette from his grey lips.

Kim narrowed his eyes, "What?" He asked at first, shaking his head, he shifted back in his seat, eyes now cast to the ground as he tried to think back. “All he told me was… that they belonged to some guy who died in a car cash… I didn’t think to ask anything more.” His eyes found their way back to Hiro, who was now fully facing him. “I was just glade to finally be given my eyesight back….” He shook his head and stood. “Why are you asking me this?” He took a few steps closer. "Did he also tell you he was a carrier of the I.F. Virus….."Kim stopped, now standing, frozen, in the center of Hiro’s office. His eyes wide, lips parted. “W-What?” His question came out as a whisper, he felt a sickening turning in his stomach."You have the virus running through your veins."[I made a new sims 3 sims tonight, Kim.
He’s the son of the ceo, and founder of S.I.C.K, a medical empire that was born to help keep a deadly virus from whiping out mankind [based in a alternate futuristic world]. It effects the hosts blood, somewhat to how aids does in our world/time] Kim started losing his eyesight when he was 13, shortly after his mother died. It took 4 years to find the right donor, what which point he was almost completely without sight. His father, as well as his doctor, performed the operation. Which proved to be a great success….[Excuse the shitty writing, its almost 5am, and I have to get up for work at 9:30am] Let me know what you guys think ?


No matter how many deaths that I die I will never forget
No matter how many lives that I live, I will never regret
There is a fire inside of this heart
And a riot about to explode into flames


Last night, damn, you were in my sex dreams
Doin’ really nasty things.

Massimo is by xanezephyr <3


Well I can show you how it is done
There’s no competitors



Headband | Shirt | Shorts | Shoes

She’s gorgeous


I have to choose one to edit. Which one’s best? I could really use another person’s input.

Lovey sim :)